Proposal submitted to City of Mississauga Council

Kiet Cao
1 Lockington Crt.
Toronto, Ontario
M9M 2C4
May 14, 2015
Councillor Ron Starr
City of Mississauga
Subject: Application for a land site for the Vietnamese Boat People Memorial Monument in City of Mississauga
Dear Sir,
After April 30th, 1975, when the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) fell to the Vietnamese Communists (North Vietnam), millions of people have risked their lives in the quest for freedom by small boats. Hundreds of thousands of them have perished at sea. Facts about their horrendous ordeals have been recorded in books and documentaries. Numerous plaques, monuments, memorials have been erected in many cities around the world: Washington D.C., Santa Ana CA, Westminster CA, Bankstown, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne Australia, Hamburg and Troisdorf Germany, Hauts-de-Seine France, Geneva and Grand-Saconnex Switzerland, Liège Belgium, Ottawa Canada….
Bill S-219 The Journey to Freedom came into effect last April 30th is an Act respecting a national day of commemoration of the exodus of Vietnamese refugees and their acceptance in Canada. Our initiating Committee is widely supported by various Vietnamese-Canadian organizations in Ontario and elsewhere. We are respectfully seeking for your support and approval for a land site for the Vietnamese Boat People Memorial Monument in the Mississauga area with the following purposes:
1. Enriching the diversity of Canada’s multiculturalism.
2. Further enhancing the beauty and attraction of the City of Mississauga
3. Symbolizing the gratitude and appreciation from the Vietnamese Boat People to Canada and Canadians who have opened their doors and arms to accept thousands of Vietnamese boat people as refugees.
4. Reminding future generations of the true value of Freedom for which their ancestors fought.
As for the construction cost of this monument, with the wide support of over 200,000 Vietnamese Canadians throughout Canada and particularly with around 70,000 Vietnamese – Canadians living in Mississauga and GTA area, we are confident that we can raise sufficient fund for this project.
With your support and particularly your approval of the land site, we strongly believe that this project can be achieved in time to mark the 40th Anniversary (1975-2015) of the Vietnamese Boat People in Canada.
Please accept our sincere appreciation and gratitude.
Kiet Cao
On behalf of the VNBPMM Committe members
Can Nguyen
Phan Dam
Han Trinh
Doanh Vu
Duy Nguyen
Khiem Vu
My Phan
Bao Nguyen
Ky Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen
Trung Pham
VNBPMM advocacy team members meeting with City Councillor Ron Starr

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