Vietnam boat people: tragedy history

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Thuyền nhân Việt Nam: thảm trạng lịch sử chưa thể sang trang / Contribute a better translation

A boat journey from northern Vietnam / Một chuyến vượt biển từ miền bắc Việt Nam
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According to UN statistics, from 1975 to 1997, a total of about 839,000 people were crossing Vietnam on fragile boats, rushed into the camp of the countries in the region. Still according to estimates by the High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations, in which some 839,000 refugees, killed at least 10% off, never permanently to the promised land.

A tragic period of history

1979 UN international conference on Indochinese refugees, admit asylum for refugees next to the residential camp in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines …, paving the way for Batch persons resettled in a third country.

On the wave of refugees Vietnam rise in that period, the VOICE lawyer Hoi Trinh, non-governmental organization with offices in the Philippines specializing in helping Vietnam refugees, said.

From 79 to 89 years have a clear legal framework is the Indochinese refugees were resettled. That is why there is the road. That’s why many people go. More specifically the early ’80s, Vietnam’s economy down very well. At that time no innovation. Meanwhile the repression, oppression to the highest place in the early 80. Later it was massively gone.

Not only Southerners, so do not live that in the new regime, seeking to escape from the water, but the late ’70s to early’ 80s turned on, the Northerners from Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, home to two seaports of the North, also merged wave sail in search of freedom:

I see life depressed too, everyone must go, so I went. Strictly speaking then himself in Vietnam, where they have papers. At that time I did not have papers, like heir. Please identification difficult, please do not be. I just do fishermen, has found life boring trafficking.

It is the Swedish word he has with his parents, brothers all 12 family members who merged wave crossing three times in 1981. Two offshore, waves undergo before stamping buried lucky to be Hong Kong 1981, now has a stable family life in California, USA:

Flights missing out, there are acquaintances, and her son, his father was police em in Bach Long Vi Island shot dead, police shot dead 28 people sank.

Flights missing out, there are acquaintances, and her son, his father was police em in Bach Long Vi Island shot dead, police shot dead 28 people sank

he Swedish

Already a Vietnamese boat people, who also have a memory, an unforgettable adventure story to narrate. Storms, waves, pirates, famine, to shore or were pushed back out to sea are common tragedy of the boat people two regions.

Boat People is also a historical period can not to the page, not to the page, which must be recorded in any way, is the word journalist Wei Dance with Journey Boat People work began in 2001, completed in in 2003, translated into English titled Boat People 2013:

How done is rediscover the ancient witnesses, including relatives or friends of them died on the East Coast or raped, then I formed a group to accompany me compiled. I want to move the story through English, the aim is put into the Library of Congress, however, is the youth of the latter have to study that document. Boat people is a tragic historical period so for me 40 years was not enough, that is particular to refugees only.

Whirlpool area, Dictionary Uat Gào And echoing On China Sea, is the title of the most recent work on Vietnam’s boat people Chau Swedish author, known for painting pen Boat People through graphic art. Starting in 1979 when fleeing from their younger age, after a couple of failed attempts to get Thai Chau Thuy 1980. Work Areas readers Whirlpool launches Orange County, Southern California last Sunday, the anniversary of memories 40 years in exile:


Ông Talbot Bashall và cô Carina Hoàng trao tặng bộ sưu tập Thuyền Nhân VN ở Hong Kong cho tiến sĩ Thụy Võ Đặng của đại học Úc Irvine In California. (từ trái ông Talbot Bashall, tiến sĩ Thụy Võ Đặng , ông John Renaud, và cô Carina Hoàng.
Mr. Talbot Bashall and Carina Hoang awarded her collection VN Boat People in Hong Kong for Dr. Dang Thuy Vo of Australian University California Irvine Print. (From left Mr. Talbot Bashall Dr. Dang Thuy Vo John Renaud, and she Carina Hoang.

As a victim of the regime and to leave the country, the head always deeply imbedded in sadness. When entering the Pen art paintings, paint the picture of boat people, the past began to return. Then like motivation triggers emotions, thereby Chau Thuy sat down to write about his trip.

This year celebrates 40 years, for people to settle before or settled after the anniversary of such sessions mention the suffering never be able to forget. Through Regional Whirlpool, Chau Thuy want inserted all the pain of a young man crossing the road, one is released or is dead, but if alive, still find their freedom.

Boat people is a tragic historical period so for me 40 years was not enough, there are particular about severance boat

journalist Wei Dance

The wound never healed

Four decades ago, apart from the books written about the boat people are also short stories, novels, memoirs, autobiography, not to mention movies, voice heartbreaking tragedy of the boat people of Vietnam. But can say a heavy book’s research boat, the most elaborate and costly as the English on Boat People of female authors from 2011. The Carina Hoang Vietnamese Boat People title, Tears Sea, she just finished from Perth, Australia, to southern California in Orange County last week.

Artwork by Carina Hoang Oanh Hoang ie, filled with vivid images that she has put a lot of effort collecting or trustee:

The first image in the book, after the formation of the cover, the 152 boat people of Vietnam German ship rescued Amamur Cap on the East Coast in 1982. Within a few hours again if not saved, then it will be buried 152 people in mass graves is their boat.

First, the Oanh want this book available at the National Library and the library of the school, this Oanh Australian side has done before. Now the Australian school for high school students.


Tác phẩm Vực Xoáy của tác giả Châu Thụy và tác phẩm Boat People bằng tiếng Việt với tựa đề Thuyền Nhân của Carina Hoàng
Areas of work Whirlpool Asia Swedish author and work with Vietnamese Boat People Boat People entitled by Carina Hoang
Or Boat People Boat People, Water Eyes China Sea, including the 38 story told from those who fled to the shores lucky freedom, is a work document and Hoang Oanh also the hearts and minds of a boat in 1979 when he was 16. Away with two children and mother to stay to feed the soldiers announced that the South was in prison, and witnessed how the scenes of death, separations, pain each and every day, Oanh Hoang not a choice but to embark on the extenuating circumstances as auxiliary midwife for a woman crossing into labor minute Take advantage of the burial an 8 month baby dying when the delegation left on deserted islands.

I think it is a great tragedy of humanity that I was fortunate to witness. I have seen firsthand what happened, things that no one can imagine, unimaginably

Talbot Bashall

Oanh across America this time there are two reasons. One is attending the 40th commemoration program, while introducing the book in Vietnamese Boat People Boat People entitled, Tears SCS. This is the right time to talk about the tragedy of the boat people, the consequences of later date April 30, 1975.

Since 40 years is starting the third generation and, if you are not equipped with the knowledge to their children, the second generation, the third generation is even more difficult.

How to Boat People Boat People, Tears SCS get the picture vivid and real that was hit with viewers in finding so:

When I started the book, then go find images Oanh, Oanh find on the Internet before, said the owners of the pictures then contact Oanh started to ask permission to use.

High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations, the Oanh touch via their own library in Switzerland, they have for a long Oanh image of the research program of Oanh.

And beginning that Oanh contact the Hong Kong government, the Indonesian government and the newspaper have such images.

The success of the book of historical value and cultural value, Oanh Hoang matter further, was a chance for her to know and to add many humanitarian organizations or the media attention to the booklet printed document beautiful and sophisticated publication that:

After the launch of this book Oanh then even the Australian government, most state parliaments are invited to talk Oanh and introduce this book. Because they worked for the government, they make policy for the boat people, refugees or immigrants, but they do not know much about the boat look like, why they leave, they go for something. From then onwards the book is more popular, not only with Vietnam reader but not for school, college and government.

At the 40 year anniversary of the Freedom Journey Outreach And in Southern California last week, the book’s Boat, Sea of ​​Tears author Carina Hoang was first introduced to readers here.

The compilation of the book in English Boat People, Boat People Vietnamese East Sea Tears later, gave Hoang Oanh author knew he Bashall Talbot, a British former chief Management Centers Hong Kong refugee camps from 1979 to 1982, a time when the number of Vietnamese refugees pouring into this territory highest.

In four years with his wife, working through the Hong Kong refugee camp, he told Thanh Truc Bashall that he can be sure when that Hong Kong has never push a ship to sail back yet.

He said he still remembers well the 10th of June 1979, he and all staff have received 4315 Vietnam boat people from 43 different ships. That time he Bashall under a lot of pressure, sometimes worked to exhaustion but in return are peaceful sleep every night.

On Monday 27 April, in the Vietnamese newspaper office in the city of Westminster in Orange County, California, he Bashall 89 years old was the author of Boat People Imperial Carina, Tears SCS, given the collection that his wife perform during his life to UC Irvine in California.

This is a collection of six books, previously awarded to her Carina Hoang, gathered almost full records, correspondence, articles, photographs, newspaper clippings, government figures climax Hong Kong time Vietnamese refugees pouring into this land. Bashall said Mr Talbot:

The pain, the wound of boat people VN will never heal. Some families whose relatives died in the sea or die in refugee camps without a grave. But most painful were kidnapped today take that to the family also do not know whether to mourn … and still hoping to find them

Carina Hoang

This may be a collection of extremely concise in Vietnam boat people in Hong Kong, also reflects an intense phase of the crossing to other countries outside Hong Kong. The collection reveals a painful period of history must be protected, for showing how Vietnamese people go in sequence from the water by the boat amorphous fragile. When the decision to entrust the collection that my wife painstakingly made ​​for Irvine university of California, we think it is no longer a private collection, but instead an open file, an open document will be flipping out Research in stature a prestigious universities of the United States, which has received countless boat people of Vietnam.

I think it is a great tragedy of humanity that I was fortunate to witness. I have seen firsthand what happened, things that no one can imagine, did not imagine that …

After April 30, 1975, boat, sail, Vietnam refugees, suddenly became the focus of world attention. Forty years have passed, but the story has yet to be boat people into the page. For those who sit down and rewrite or collect the documents or records Vietnamese boat people over the years, it is impossible not to do the work as to whether further swung the knife in the wound still bleeds. Word Carina Hoang author of Boat People Boat People Tears SCS:

The pain, the wounds of Vietnam refugees will never heal. Some families whose relatives died in the sea or die in refugee camps without a grave. But most painful were kidnapped today take that to the family also do not know whether to mourn for the wife or keep hoping to find them. There are many things that each of their stories show the tragic aspects of the Vietnam boat people. Oanh never thought himself into the page, history page will exist forever.

Section Life Vietnam Worldwide The suspension here. Thanh Truc your appointment Thursday evening next week.

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