Artist concept of the Memorial Monument in Misissauga

Consideration to build the Vietnamese Boat People Memorial Monument

Although Monuments are often perceived simply as another form of public sculpture they are first and foremost reminders. We build the Memorial Monument to the Vietnamese Boat People because those people are important to us for the values of the meaning “Freedom ”

In addition to communicating our beliefs and values from generation to generation, the monument also helps us to come to terms with the unknown, the unexplained and the mysteries of life- as well as with our deepest emotions, such as the pain we feel at the death of the “Vietnamese Boat People”.


‘The past is not dead history’ one man has written. “It is the living material out of which man makes himself and builds the future.” From our past comes the timeless, universal, and elemental truths that governed our earliest evolution determined our gradual development as human beings over aeons of time.

The monument welcomes all tourists and visitors to walk around, there, they can see the allegory a sculpture of the tiny boat carrying a young family fighting with big wave on the ocean
The inscriptions in front of the sculpture base , read as follows: ” Vietnamese Boat People Memorial ”

It will be 6 feet tall bronze statue, cast on the base 3 1/2 feet tall by black granite and set on a nice piece of land in front of the Burnhamthorpe Library ( Dixie & Burnhamthorpe ) City of Mississauga , Ontario – Canada.

A Memorial Monument is influenced by the naturalist school of arts, created by a well- known Vietnamese Canadian Sculptor named Pham, Thê Trung. The artist escaped from Vietnam by boat to a refugee camp in Thailand and was later granted immigrant status by Canada in 1980 .Please visit his website:

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