With gratefulness to Canada, the country has extended its gracious welcome hundred of thousand Vietnamese boat people refugees and Commemorated the one who died at sea on the crossing for freedom. Please join hands to make the project a reality. Thank you!

Với lòng tri ân đất nước Canada đã mở rộng vòng tay nhân ái đón nhận người tỵ nạn Việt Nam và tưởng niệm những thuyền nhân xấu số đã bỏ mình trên biển trên đường vượt biên. Xin góp một bàn tay để dự án thành hiện thực. Chân thành cảm tạ!

1. Composition:

Describing the small boat is going to be sunk under the ocean, while being srtuggled with death. The artist want to express a motion of a family is seeking to freedom on the small boat.

2. The theme of the maquette:

Fighting with the  cruel waving storm the tiny boat is going to be sunk under the water. At last, the top of the boat is floating only.  The mother was so exhauted, but she was still clutch her child in her right hand, frightening with her eyes..The father was beside her and he was so worry, scaring but he was always hold tight on her for to protection in the last minute on this situation…But hopes is still …
Were they survived?
Once the viewer looked at the maquette was said: “The maquette is so powerful, the faces are heartbreaking! ”
and another was said:
” much emotional to remember the frightening on the ocean I would grateful to God had to rescue me and I know that I was stilll alive from the death because I was a boat person “

Copyright by Phạm Thế Trung, Sculptor.  All rights reserved